I’m a 20 something year old who loves to travel and seeks adventure! I have a strong academic background and am gaining work experience that will help propel me towards my dream career. When I’m not studying or working, I dabble in music, photography, and actively exploring my surroundings. I used to live in Hawaii, but now I live in the Greater Los Angeles area.

What is my dream career? That’s a great question that I hope to answer throughout this site. I love process improvement, planning and coordinating events, and strategic planning! I also love being on stage and in front of the camera! But in today’s world, it’s not so much about what you can do as it is who you know. Networking is one of the single most important factors for success! While I can see myself working in industries such as entertainment, tech, or healthcare, I know I need to expand my network in order to discover what my dream career might become.

So let’s connect! Reach out to me here, Twitter, or Instagram and together, let’s find ways to live life more vibrantly!