Well I made it!


After making a commitment to blog every day for 31 days after blogging continuously for 10 days as part Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Freedom Blog Challenge, tonight marks day 31. It wasn’t the easiest challenge for me as there were many nights that I sat here wondering what on earth I was going to blog about. You would think that after spending an entire day doing multiple projects at work that I would have something to talk about here, but when the details of the projects are confidential, and when my brain is shot from a million things going on, there were days in which I just wanted to tap out and quit. I didn’t want to blog or write at all. Through the jumbled mess of thoughts that were running through my mind, on those nights there was only one semi-clear repeating thought that would come to me: “Get food and go to sleep!”


But yet I pushed on and I am glad that I did. I showed myself that I could still write, even if the quality wasn’t there as I wished it would be. I could write consistently and make it a daily habit (I was worried I would forget and totally ruin the challenge I set for myself). And I gained some interesting insights and feedback from friends along the way, especially from friends that I had not heard from in ages! It was great to (albeit briefly) reconnect with them!


So what happens now? I am taking a step back from daily blogging. Why?


This week has seen several key developments that are changing the landscape of my current job. I need to focus on action plans to ensure that I am prepared for future endeavors and opportunities. I also have a class I need to focus on so I can obtain some additional credentialing. With so much going on, I need to focus on those aspects as opposed to forcing myself not to leave this site until I have created content here.


When I do have an exciting story to tell, I will blog about it here. I do not want this blog to fade into oblivion. You can also reach me via the “Contact” page on this site, or hop over to Twitter and bug me there.


A lot is going to happen between now and the start of 2017. Hope to keep you posted! Until next time, keep smiling, keep kicking, and keep being awesome!




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