Well tonight was a lesson in patience and staying positive.


Here in Hawaii, seeing the full moon rise is a popular activity among the locals. And on this side of the island, we have a great view over looking the ocean where we can see the moon rise between other islands.


I’ve actually had a few people at work giving me a bad time the past few months because they’ll walk into a meeting and say “Richard, did you see the full moon (or the harvest moon) last night?” Since I don’t live near the beach, my answer is always the same: “No”. More often than not, I’m busy reading or doing some sort of project / work. I’m trying hard to work my way back to the life I want. So is tracking the full moon even on my radar of things to think about? No, of course not!


That is until this past week we were in another meeting at work and I was again reminded that the full moon was this weekend. I knew I wouldn’t go see it on my own, so I turned to some colleagues and said “Want to go hike and see it this weekend?” They said yes, and then I totally forgot about it until my calendar reminded me of it this morning.


We met up at 5pm, hiked up to the lookout point, and started settling in for the photoshoot. Our first mistake is that we didn’t get up there soon enough and we missed the golden hour for sunset photos overlook the ocean. However, clouds began to roll in and we wouldn’t have had that great of photos anyways. As I was setting up my fossil DSLR (I need to get a new one; the thing is over 12 years old), I went to grab the memory card pack and realized it wasn’t in the bag. I looked in my camera and nope, no memory card in there either. Well shoot, so much for that! (I later realized I had taken out the case to download photos recently and had forgotten to put the case back into the camera bag. Such a noob thing to do ugh!). However, the wind also began to pick up, and before we knew it, more clouds had rolled in that were now blocking the moon. While the moon did rise, we weren’t able to get any good views of it due to the clouds.


But the lesson learned here: Nature (and Hawaii) isn’t always perfect. Tonight didn’t go at all how we had planned (which is a good thing because if it would’ve been a perfect night for photos and I couldn’t use my camera I would’ve been sick with myself). However, the hike isn’t long at all, and we have full moons every month. This just means we will go back and keep trying. That’s the allure of photography: you never know what kind of shots you’re going to get, how the lighting is going to be, how clear the ocean will be, etc. You simply have to keep trying, keep shooting, and eventually you will get that 1 in a million shot.


The same is true with life. We can try to make as many plans as we want, and while we can try to take into account almost every variable that we can think of, the truth is that there will always be something that doesn’t go according to plan and catches us by surprise. What defines us is our mental attitudes towards such changes and the prep work that we put in ahead of time. We may continue to be beaten down, but over time, our work ethic and preparations will shine through, and more opportunities will come our way. Our time will come, we will snatch that 1 in a million shot, and we will defy even our greatest critics.


For now, I am not disappointed because I actually need to go get my gear ready for tomorrow. I’ve been invited to go sailing with some friends from work and we will end up snorkeling a bit as well. Should be a great time!


Hope your Saturday was phenomenal!




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