I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Right now, I am GLOWING and I don’t know why.


After the day that I had at work, I have a handful of reasons to be upset, angry, and downright disgusted! I think I would also be justified for feeling helpless, hopeless, a failure, and so depressed that I could’ve walked into my room at 6pm, collapsed on the bed, and shed a few tears until I feel asleep.


But what I’m experiencing is the complete opposite of that! I feel like a million bucks! I feel as though I am with my family and cousins and we’re doing nothing but playing games and joking around with each other for days! I feel like I’ve spent the entire day with someone special and am on cloud 9.


Yet today is Wednesday, and yup, it’s big Mike’s day:


Which really means that I can’t even claim it’s the weekend and I get to go on crazy adventures! At work today, I didn’t get anywhere near finishing my wish list of tasks, but I am known for being a bit optimistic in my planning. In fact when I left today, I have one form that I am creating that is still giving me a puzzling error that I have yet to decipher.


So why am I so happy? I wish I could tell you! Perhaps it is the fact that although I didn’t get done the main personal projects that I wanted to accomplish, I did manage to make significant progress in getting other people setup with new software and tools to do the projects they have been wanting to do for quite some time! Perhaps my coworkers put some happy mix in my juice at work today haha! But in all seriousness, it feels great to just be happy! It can become a foreign feeling when I’m living on my own, focused on my career and getting to my next vacation when I can get back to the mainland. But this feeling is one, although is rare for me to have, is one that I cherish for the (seemingly) fleeting moments that I have it.


Hope you all are having a terrific day!




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