It’s not over until buzzer sounds.


There are a number of variations to this phrase that we could list or quote, but they all have the same point: Go all out until you know without a shadow of a doubt that the end has arrived.


Tonight’s NLDS playoff game between the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs demonstrated just that. In the top of the 9th inning, the Chicago Cubs were not only facing a 5-2 deficit, they were facing the potential of revisiting headlines and stories that have become dishearteningly routine over the past 108 years of the franchise’s history. Would the Cubs once again enter into the off-season reminded of the curse that has created the longest drought in sports history?


Down to their last 3 outs, the Cubs stared into the hostile stadium and said “Not tonight!”


Before their first out of the inning, the Cubs had tied the game 5-5. After an errant throw by the Giants, they had a runner in scoring position. A few pitches later, and the Cubs take a 6-5 lead. I’m not sure their pitcher threw a pitch less than 100 mph to close out the inning and the game. Phenomenal comeback for the Cubs as they move on to face the winner of Game 5 between the Washington Nationals and the Los Angeles Dodgers (Go Blue!).


Tonight’s game though reminded me of why we play the FULL game, and why it is so important to put in ALL of our effort in our work. As much as we want to plan for them, we rarely know when opportunities will come our way. What we can control, however, is our preparation and whether or not we will be ready to take advantage of the opportunities as they are presented to us.


That’s why victories aren’t determined out on the field, the courts, or on stage. Victories are won in the preparation before you even enter the arena.


Keep preparing as though there is no tomorrow. Keep pushing on despite what the critics might say. Keep believing that when opportunity presents itself, you will be ready to strike and seize it! Do this, and you will write an incredible future!


Was it surprising that the Chicago Cubs came back and won the Divisional Series tonight? Perhaps not. Their preparation is reflected in their league best record of 103 wins and 58 losses. They reached the NLCS last year, and although they were swept, the spent the off-season bulking up the roster for another deep post-season run. So far it’s working out for them.


One Positive note today: one of my template designs was reviewed in a system wide meeting and after voting, it was selected to be the model for new development. Granted, it’s nothing much and more so sets the standard for naming conventions and how everything else will be built moving forward, but that extra validation from other locations was a solid boost for me!


Hope you all are having a fantastic day! Keep smiling, keep laughing, keep rocking life!




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