I’m doing my best to keep things positive and upbeat here on this blog! With all the horror and negativity that is filling the world (whether it’s war in Syria or Afghanistan, or politics here in the U.S., or religious organizations – in the name of “unity”, but more so for power and control – voting tomorrow to take a step back to pre-1920s and say a person’s genitalia determines whether or not they are worthy enough to minister, or whether it’s drama / conflict faced at work) — you don’t need more of that spewed out at you!


So here I sit, staring and wondering what to write.


That alone is a depressing statement that leaves me embarrassed: Have I gone through my entire day without one positive item to write about!?


I could join a popular trend that rotates through my circle of friends, where every day they write one thing that they are thankful for. I could do this, but I feel as though that is cheap for me. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a wonderful thing to do and I wish you all the power in doing it! But it seems somewhat shallow for me because if that’s all that I do, the focus then becomes on me, not what I am giving back to others. Is that wrong? Perhaps not. It is important to maintain a healthy self image. The old adage comes to mind: If you don’t take care of yourself, how are you able to take care of others?


I’m not sure what the correct answer is right now, so I’m going to do a hybrid here. From now on, I’m setting a criteria where I’m going to try to include one of the following components for future blog posts:

  • Blog must be uplifting or inspirational
  • Blog must mention one way that I made a positive impact on someone else’s life that day.
  • Blog must mention one way that I was positively impacted that day.


So for today, a coworker in the department brought in homemade cupcakes. They were AMAZING!! Oh my word! Pumpkin flavored with ginger snaps as the base and cheesecake mousse frosting! This coworker is incredibly talented, and I had to restrain myself from going into Food Coma this afternoon since I had meetings and work to accomplish.


In addition, I made several people laugh! I love healthy laughter (laughing at someone is not cool)! Knowing that I can make other people laugh, bring a smile to their face, and have a few moments of happiness means the world to me!


And I am thankful that I have chairs in my living residence. Yesterday I was reminiscing how much I missed having a couch or arm chair to sit in, get comfy, and read or do some work. I’m living quite minimally right now in that there are only 4 places to sit down in my entire place: 1) The bed, 2) The kitchen table (which doubles as my work desk), 3) The toilet, 4) The floor. But after taking a step back for a minute, I am thankful to have my kitchen table, and I’m even more thankful to have an amazing bed! I could be stuck with no furniture except an air mattress, but I was blessed to have (as Hawaiians say) an Auntie who looks after me and helped provide me with the basics to survive. I can truly say that if it wasn’t for her connections, I’m not sure how I would’ve made it so far here on the island.


That’s my blog for today. There is more that I would love to say, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I can’t broach those topics because the timing isn’t right. It will be soon, before we know it. For now, we smile, we wait, we plot, we breathe.





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