Negativity can be overwhelming and soul crushing. I like to think of myself as a strong minded individual, but even I have my days where everything seems to be too much to handle. It is in these moments that I turn to whatever positivity outlets I can find and focus solely on their contents.


One of these is the Instagram page “The Way We Met“.


Confession time: I am somewhat of a hopeless romantic. I realize it’s not the most masculine thing to be as society says a true man is one who is tall, extremely muscular and strong, and is, well, this:



or this:



The societal belief is that the always over the top, tough guy, bad boy mantra gets the girl, while the nerd, geek, caring good men finish last. Unfortunately I wasn’t gifted with the physical genetics that meets this typical societal belief. Sure, I would love to be taller, more muscular, faster, and stronger, but we can’t have it all. So I stick to my strengths: intelligence, work ethic, and compassion. If you want to fault me for being a romantic, go ahead. See if I (or my tribe) care.


When I need a break from the overwhelming negativity of this world (right now its politics both at a national level but also at my work), I like to pause and swing by “The Way We Met“. I love stories, and hearing how two people met and found their “Happily Ever After” gives me hope, it gives me something to look forward to.


Of course there are stories where the couple randomly ran into each other out of the blue, found their connection, and discovered a new side of life. Then there are also stories of couples who knew each other platonically for years, had some separation, reunited years later, and finally had the light bulb moment that “Wow, why didn’t we recognize this sooner?” Celebrity case in point: Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher:


I have no idea which one (if either) of those two scenarios are (or will be) playing out for me in my life. But, I do know this: I enjoy reading about other people’s stories and how they found their happiness because positivity and love does triumph over all the hate and disgust that is circulating the airways.


So here’s to you wonderful people out there that live your life with beauty, love, and positivity!


Here’s to living an authentic life, not one dictated to you by the social standards presented by the media. Here’s to living your life to bring smiles and happiness to those around you. Here’s to falling asleep at the end of every day without regrets, because living a full life is the only way we will discover what it is that we are truly looking for.


And once we discover this, that is when our “Happily Ever After” can begin.




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