Blink and it will be 2017.


That is what I am telling myself right now. The end of the year always has a tendency to fly by for me and after summer, is probably the most favorite part of the year for me. November is all about the buildup to Thanksgiving, when here in the United States, we pause and celebrate with our friends and families how blessed we are to have life and be in the position where we are today (although with this year’s national debacle of an election, we may have far less to be thankful for; but I digress).


Right around Thanksgiving is when the official shopping season begins here in the U.S. Sadly within the past few years, retailers have extended their Black Friday hours. At first it was early store openings on Friday mornings, then it became midnight openings, and within the past few years, some stores began their sales on Thanksgiving evening itself. The OUTRAGE!! However, the Mall of America has already given me something to be thankful for this year is it announced this week that it will be closed for the entire Thanksgiving holiday, along with a growing list of other retailers. If I could run up to the CEOs of these companies and to all of their employees, I would give them a huge high five and hug for taking a stand to shift the focus away from retail to where it belongs: Spending Time With Your Family!!! Congratulations to these companies for a job well done!


Then December is filled with various holiday programs, concerts, and events. Our organization has a yearly tree lighting ceremony which will be interesting to experience Christmas in Hawaii versus the Christmas that I was accustomed to growing up on the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. And then typically many families will get together for a week or so around Christmas and New Years. Essentially, here in the U.S., we start eating and celebrating heavily on Thanksgiving and it doesn’t end until January 2. Who doesn’t like to party?


In November, I will be looking forward to my Thanksgiving trip as I island hop over to the Big Island of Hawaii (read more about my itinerary in my Blog “005”). In December, I’m going to make an effort to attend the 75th Anniversary Ceremonies for the attack on Pearl Harbor (if you know me, I love history and so attending this event would be an incredible moment and honor). I may hop over to Maui for a few days (still pending), but the big highlight will be heading back to Los Angeles to spend 2 weeks with my family and friends for Christmas and New Years! I’m hoping that perhaps a special guest tags along for that trip, but more about that later.


Blink at it will be 2017.


I keep telling myself this, especially as work continues to pile up, more uncertainty and conflicts arise, and more and more questions arise. For now, I need to take it one step, one day at a time. Be patient, let things play out. Better days are ahead.


Just breathe.




And enjoy the ride.






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