USS Arizona Survivor – Financial Help Needed?

UPDATE: 10/12/16:

I have been contacted by the Haerry family. To whoever and all of you that helped make this connection possible, I thank you! It is wonderful to see such positivity here on the internet!


UPDATE: 10/7/16 15:30:

I was directed to contribute to this site: However, this is for fundraising for survivors. Granted Mr. Haerry was listed as a survivor at the websites last update, but no word yet if his family still receives part financial support here. I’m really confused now because if this Final Salute page had already contacted the Haerry Family and arrangements had been made to come to Pearl Harbor, why would Haerry Jr. say he will come “when he can afford it”?  The ceremony is exactly 60 days from now, which isn’t that long for planning.

Still confused here…


10/7/16 15:00:

I stumbled upon this today and have no idea to what extent this is an issue or not, but I am posting it here to see if there is any feedback as to whether this situation is in fact true.


Before September 27, there were only 6 remaining survivors from the USS Arizona from the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Then on 9/27/16, Raymond J. Haerry, 94, passed away. Some news sites provided a brief story remembering Mr. Haerry, including the official Facebook Page for the World War II Valor In the Pacific National Monument (which overseas all the sites at Pearl Harbor). Link to their article can be found here. also ran an article, which you can read here. The last sentence of the article is troubling to me:

Haerry Jr. says when he can afford it, he’ll take his father’s ashes to be interred on the Arizona.


Are finances really so tough in our country that we cannot pay tribute to a military hero? I reached out to ValorNPS’ Facebook Page and left the following comment.


It reads:

World War II Valor In The Pacific National Monument: Question: in the article written about Mr. Haerry, the last line says “Haerry Jr. says when he can afford it, he’ll take his father’s ashes to be interred on the Arizona.” If finances are especially challenging for Haerry Jr., is there any interest to create a GoFundMe page to raise the expenses to bring Haerry Jr. and his father’s ashes to Pearl Harbor for the 75th Anniversary and to allow Haerry Sr. to be interred in one of the private internment ceremonies to be conducted about that time?

I would be more than happy to help spear-head the effort!

Article link:…/one-of-last-uss-arizona…/ar-BBx8MOq


If anyone has any word on this story, I would be interested in communicating with them. If finances are truly an issue for Haerry Jr, I would like to work with him and ValorNPS to find a resolution to this story ASAP! With the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor this December, I cannot think of a more fitting time for Haerry Jr. to bring his father’s ashes to Pearl Harbor and have them interned during that time.


Let’s make this happen!




Contact me via Twitter: @RCPatchett


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