018 – #SaveChuckAgain

“Guys, I know Kung Fu”


It is difficult to find a greater final main line for a season finale in Hollywood’s history. Those 5 words left millions of fans screaming at the television and immediately saying “How many more days until next season’s premier!?” (If you were one of these fans, please comment below or shoot me a tweet!)


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, allow me to introduce you to “Chuck”, which aired from 2007 – 2012 on NBC. The series is about your average guy working at a local electronics store who has been in a rut since his best friend (turned nemesis) Bryce got him kicked out of Stanford, following which Chuck’s then girlfriend Jill broke up with Chuck and began dating Bryce instead. Chuck’s older sister Ellie is beyond frustrated as Chuck has incredible potential (he was only 12 credits short of graduating from Stanford with a Bachelors in Engineering) but is instead at a “dead end job” and still heartbroken and hung up on Jill. When Chuck is confronted with questions about his future, he reluctantly replies “I’m working on my 5 year plan. I just need to pick out a font.” But one day, Chuck’s destiny changes as out of the blue, he receives a strange email from Bryce, and before we know it, Chuck has millions of encrypted photos and government secrets uploaded into his head, resulting in both the CIA and NSA literally busting through doors trying to retrieve the data.


And that’s just the pilot. The series goes on to depict Chuck’s involvement not only with the CIA and NSA, but also his transformation from a shy, zero confidence, never gets the girl, Nerd Herd leader, to a suave and savvy spy who time and time again uses unconventional tactics to outwit even the most elite of government agencies, spies, and terrorists, while simultaneously taking down anyone that threatens to harm his family or his gorgeous, intelligent, and multi-talented lady.


And this transformation all begins with this scene:



So where am I going with this?


If you haven’t watched Chuck, all 5 seasons are available for streaming on Netflix… BUT ONLY until November 1st as Netflix and Warner Brothers are planning on removing the series and sending it into oblivion!! If you’re so inclined, join Zachary Levi and many more of us in the #SaveChuckAgain campaign that is taking place on Twitter. Zach’s Twitter Page is here, and the hashtag campaign is here.


Chuck is my #1 favorite show of all time, followed EXTREMELY closely by “The Flash” by The CW.

Chuck also has a special place in my heart because it helped me navigate through college.

When I started my freshman year in the Fall of 2007 (right when Chuck premiered) I was a younger version of Chuck. In high school, I was the nerd of the class: always studying, always awkward and socially inept (I cringe when I look back at those days), and very clueless about anything that wasn’t related to technology, math, or science. Not even half way through The Pilot, I knew I was instantly hooked! I felt as though I had this connection to Chuck as though we had been friends for years. If Chuck and Morgan were to have a trio, I would be the third guy in the mix! As Chuck transformed and developed through the years, so did I. I went from being the awkward kid attending a small college in a city that was not only in the middle of nowhere, but was “so nice they named it twice”, to attending university in the greater Los Angeles area, spending my time improving my fashion sense, and becoming a typical Cali Guy. As Chuck learned more skills, so did I as I prepared to apply for medical school. As Chuck began to travel the world fighting crime, I took a year off and studied abroad in Spain. As Chuck became closer to finally getting his girl, I actually was able to talk with women and enter the dating scene. As Chuck became closer and closer to making his dream life a reality, so did I as I became a class leader and launched myself into the professional world.


Chuck and I grew together. We experienced hardships and heartbreak together, but more importantly, we both transformed our lives and learned how to believe in ourselves. The most powerful moments for us was when we first realized that we are both talented individuals who prove that nice guys (and smart guys) don’t always finish last.


Back in 2014, I was beyond excited to be able to attend Zach’s #NerdHQ held during the San Diego Comic Con. While I was not able to personally meet Zach, Yvonne, Adam, Ryan, Josh, or any of the other Chuck cast, I was able to sit in on some panels with them and experience how genuine, personable, and laid back the cast is.

It has become a dream of mine to not only meet Zach, but to also work with him either with production of a future #NerdHQ event, some facet of support for the awesome charity Operation Smile, or with some facet of The Nerd Machine.

Yes I live in Hawaii, but I am obtaining experience in production and project management. Who knows what the future holds though, especially with me wanting to eventually move back to the greater Los Angeles area. But for now, I continue to work hard and focus on not only preparing myself for future opportunities, but also on improving the world around me.


With that said, I hope you join us in the #SaveChuckAgain campaign! If not, be sure to snatch the series on Blu-Ray before it disappears!




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