As Hurricane Matthew barrels towards Florida and the East Coast and is slated to have a direct hit at a Category 4 level, I pause and send my best wishes and support to all who have already been affected by the storm, as well as to all who are in the storm’s path! I wish you all safety and peace.


For me, it is a bit crazy to think that this time last year, I was living in Florida and could still be there preparing myself for the storm as it approaches. And while many may be worried about their homes or their possessions and whether they will weather the storm (sorry but not sorry: I’ve been waiting to use that phrase for what seems like forever), please do not forget the following:


  1. Insurance. It’s meant for times like this. I hope you have it! If so, don’t stress. If you don’t have insurance, I will be especially thinking of you (but once the storm passes, please get insurance)!
  2. Don’t focus on possessions, focus on life. Keep you and your loved ones safe. Chances are your names are not Poseidon, Storm, or Thor (although if it is, please say hi so I can tell you how AWESOME you are!). You won’t be able to walk outside, face the storm as it comes, strike fear into it, and prevent it from wrecking havoc. Possessions in this world come and go, but life is a one time shot. Keep your safety #1: We want to see you around for many more years to come!


No, I have never been in a Hurricane of that magnitude. However, I have been in rough storms before.

  • We buried my grandmother as Hurricane Hanna hit the East Coast (I think I threw out that entire suit, shoes, etc because it was soaked and I didn’t have time to clean and dry it before getting on the plane)
  • I grew up in Tornado Alley, and so every summer we would experience Severe Thunderstorms, Tornado Watches, and Tornado Warnings. I was so happy when we finished off the basement of our home so that I wouldn’t have to keep sleeping on concrete during summer nights. In fact I moved down to the basement during the summer months just so that I could sleep and not worry about waking up to sirens and running down 2 flights of stairs before I thought the roof was going to blow off. We did have a tornado touch down in our neighborhood one summer, damaged our roof, and also ripped the neighbor’s brick chimney off the house and threw it into our driveway. We had to redo the entire driveway.
  • I’ve also experienced 5.0+ earthquakes, blizzards, and Hawaiian Tropical Storms (the hurricanes missed us thankfully).


The  point being: destruction comes in many different forms, but what has always remained is people’s ability to rebuild. It may seem overwhelming, but know that you are not alone. Our entire country will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, and we will be there to help offer you whatever support you need after the storm.


Be safe!




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