I woke up 11 hours ago and today has been NON-STOP ever since. I haven’t left the house, didn’t watch any football, and haven’t accomplished 2 of the main big tasks I wanted to tackle today.


BUT, was today a failure? NO! Today has been a great “Foundation Day”!


What is a “Foundation Day”, you may ask? It is a day where you do nothing but prepare and build a solid foundation that will allow you to accomplish a big task or project in the future. The key is that you are not actually working on any of the projects: you are only planning for them, making sure everything is aligned and ready to go (i.e. setting a strong foundation). This is so that when you do have time to work on the projects or when you are given the green light to engage in the activity, everything is already set / ready to go and you can hit the ground running!


I use Foundation Days to tackle multiple projects at once. For some of these projects, it requires doing a lot of research and gathering data I need to make an educated decision. For other projects, it means getting on conference calls and determining what everyone’s current status is (what’s going well, what’s not going well) and what their future goals or objectives are. This knowledge then allows me to leverage my planning to get a general idea of what is coming down the pipe, what resources I will need for when I do take action, and what I need to do to ensure that I am always prepared for whatever opportunities may come my way.


So what did I do today? I researched two different ways to improve security and work flow for a business. I then looked into different aspects for my family holiday in December and examined how I might balance these components with potential work related possibilities. I then was also coordinating and finalizing plans for a conference I am (and potentially some of my family may also be) attending in February 2017. Furthermore I have been planning out my continuing education up through July 2017, along with nailing down my vacation schedule for 2017. I did some initial strategy analysis, and also talked with my dad about another potential investment for the two of us. I did some account cleanup and synchronization following a company merger so that rewards and data are now aligned for better tracking and redemption. Finally, my unread emails had ballooned to close to 1,000 this week, so I did some cleanup and brought that back down to a semi-more manageable number of ~400 unread. (I’m weird in that I leave some of my personal emails marked as unread until I actually complete that entire project. Helps with quickly finding things in Gmail. But my work email via Outlook is much more managed and organized!).


So did I get done everything that I wanted to do today? Nope, not even close. However, mentally I am feeling GREAT because I know that this Foundation Day is setting me up for greater success as I am now more organized and ready to jump in full blast once I (or other individuals) give the green light to launch these upcoming projects.


Do you have your own version of a Foundation Day? If so, what does it look like? I would love to hear any feedback that you may have that might help us discover what the best format for our next Foundation Day looks like!




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