As I’m new to the world of blogging, I’m curious:


Does anyone else start writing or developing an idea for a piece of content, and after a while, come to the realization that “I can’t publish this content at this time, so I need to save it as a draft and keep re-working it or wait until the proper time to publish it.”?


My guess is that yes, drafting is a common occurrence. I started writing a post tonight that really tackles some big issues I’ve been experiencing, but realized now is not the time to publish that. I need to wait for a few more weeks to see how a few other factors play out.


“Why are you waiting?” you may ask? Because life is nothing more than a big game of chess.


I can’t remember how old I was when I received it or even who gave it to me, but one of my favorite gifts as a child was a chessboard. This wasn’t just your typical board with pieces, this was a magnetic board with a built in computer on it. The computer came in 3 levels of difficulty and would play against you by determining and tracking all the pieces on the board by their magnetic movement. I thought it was really slick, and it became my competition and companion for many hours (my mom and sister were never into chess). I would practice and practice my strategies and then test them out on my dad whenever we would play (which wasn’t that often as we would only play chess once all our other work was completed, if the weather did not permit us to be outside, and if my mom and sister were too busy and didn’t want to play a game). To this day I have never beat my dad in chess, and I would love another rematch!


The game of chess is beautiful not because of the intricate engravings or carvings that some elaborate set pieces display, but because of the strategy involved. For me, chess isn’t a game where you can play reactively. You must play proactively and offensively. Every single play has multiple repercussions. You must plan at least 3 moves ahead and for each move, not only anticipate how your opponent may react and what their next move might be, but then use their probable reactions as the basis for strategically determining what your subsequent moves might be. Don’t believe me? Take Magnus Carlsen, the number 1 ranked chess player in the world:


Magnus’ mind is incredible! To say that I am jealous of his computative and strategic abilities is perhaps a bit of an understatement.


Am I an extraordinary chess player? No.

Am I an extraordinary strategist? No, but I have been told by external sources (and I tend to believe them) that I am talented in the area and am continuing to grow. I am able to observe a situation, read individuals (their body language, their habits, their tendencies over time), predict how they will act or what the outcome will be, and then determine what I need to put myself in the best position for success.


Do I always win / do I always succeed? No I do not. Part of playing chess or poker is that you must be willing to appear to fail when in reality your failure was a deliberate move to obtain a reaction that will give you the upper hand later on. See these two scenes:


If you’ve seen either of these movies, you will recall that in Maverick, Mel Gibson went on to clean house of everyone there, and in Casino Royale, Bond was staked by Felix Leiter to get back into the game eventually beat Le Chiffre by knowing his tell.


As I said a few blogs ago, the key to success is to be strategically unpredictable. Keep everyone guessing as to what you will do, while behind the scenes, be plotting your moves like you would in a game of chess. See the big picture, observe the situation, prepare for a series of events, learn how to leverage that knowledge for future success.


So for now, I continue to play the game and will keep drafting until it is the right moment to publish / strike.




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