I wish I had a topic to write on tonight, but I feel like I have nothing. Which means I have nothing. Yet I promised myself I would blog at least 250 words for 30 days straight and we’re barely at Day 10, so I gotta hang tough with this for a while longer. We’ll re-evaluate strategy after 30 days.


What happened today? I moved offices. We have very limited space at our company, and having my own office was something that was too good to be true. Now I am sitting in an annex building right next to the kitchen area. The move has its pros and cons.



  1. I’m no longer in the basement without any windows.
  2. I get to experience natural light and sunshine as I walk between buildings now.
  3. Gives me another goal to aim for (having my own office in the future).
  4. It’s a great character building moment.



  1. I’m sitting in an open area next to the kitchen (no privacy and quite difficult to hold meetings or conference calls).
  2. There’s a greater chance of being caught in torrential downpours while I’m walking between buildings.
  3. I’m more isolated, which means less opportunities to be mentored, trained, and grow.
  4. I’m no longer within 20 feet of the main cafeteria, which means grabbing snacks (and being offered goodies by the cafeteria staff) is a little more difficult.  😉


In other news, we’re announcing a big partnership and unveiling a new service line tomorrow! This has been quite exciting as I have been working with the CEO and CFO on this highly confidential project for over a year now (even back to when I was an intern with the company last year). It will be nice to finally be able to talk about it with in a little more detail. Earlier this year we also announced a big purchase agreement to help us with our expansion. It is tremendous and exciting to see some of these projects I’ve been a part of come to fruition.


I’ve managed to crank out close to 350 words. Time for me to go study some of my flashcards and get some sleep. Tomorrow’s presentation will be here before we know it and I’ll be facilitating!




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