Living in Secrecy


I consider it to be the utmost form of disrespect to Ian Fleming f I were to have a blog post entitled “007” and not mention James Bond. If you are an individual who hasn’t heard of or seen a James Bond film, let me share my favorite opening scene with you, which comes from Casino Royale:


Let’s briefly talk about how I incorporate Three Bond-esque traits into my life.


Who doesn’t want to be stylish like Bond? I surely can’t be the only guy who dreams of having a tailored tuxedo and leaving a fashionable party with my bow tie hanging around my neck and walking out while escorting a beautiful woman in a long evening dress to my luxury car. Bond has developed his own style. He knows what works best for him, and more importantly, he knows quality when he sees it and won’t sacrifice for anything less (ok so Vesper sized him up and gave him the dinner jacket, but still if you’ve seen the previous scene, remember Vesper’s words: “There are dinner jackets, and dinner jackets. This is the latter”). Now you may be in the same situation I am in which I’m nowhere near capable of owning an Armani Suit, but at least I do know the importance of having form fitted and (when available) tailored clothing. We always hear the saying “You can tell a lot about someone by looking at their shoes.” Sadly, the same goes for their clothes as well. It doesn’t mean you have to buy expensive brands, but know quality when you see it and be willing to make additional alterations as needed for the best fit (and in the words of Ryan Gosling “Be Better Than The Gap“).


Bond also knows exactly what he wants and he doesn’t waver from it. “A medium dry martini, lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred.” Now I don’t drink (personal preference), but I especially like Bond’s decisiveness here. When you know something works well, stick to it until you find something else that works better for you. Yes some people may say “Live life a little: be adventurous.” And in some settings, they have a point. But the key here is to know what you are willing to compromise. For Bond, that was compromising rules here and there, but his martini? Never!


Finally, Bond is full of secrets. We almost never know exactly what he does or does not know, nor do we know exactly what he will do. Bond is not only unpredictable, but he is also keenly observant. He studies people, learns their habits, their flaws, and then begins to anticipate what they will do when presented with a specific situation. Before we know it, Bond has already plotted several moves ahead and the argument can be made that Bond uses this to his advantage to influence a situation to his needs. I believe this is crucial to success. An individual who can study others, learn how they operate, and then anticipate their next moves—while simultaneously not revealing their own hand and their preparation for multiple outcomes— is an individual who will go far in life. I have yet to master this trait, but it is a journey worthy of pursuit.


Some may say being James Bond is all about the physical skills and gadgets one may have, but being a true Bond is all about the mentality. Find it and watch how your world begins to change.




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