Today was only the 2nd day of Fall, but I’m already wanting it to be November and the week of Thanksgiving!!


Summer is my favorite season of the year, but Fall is a close second because November and December are jam packed with so many holidays (at least here in the U.S.), which means spending time with friends and family while creating incredible memories!


I was talking with the Director of Human Resources at my job recently (No I’m not in trouble! I actually used to work for him as an intern and he’s an awesome friend). He said something about living here in Hawaii that struck home to me:

“People don’t come to Hawaii for the pay (because Hawaii pays significantly less than the mainland even though our cost of living is substantially higher). People choose to live in Hawaii for the lifestyle and the landscape. If you’re not getting out and enjoying the nature / your surroundings, then I don’t know why anyone would want to live here.”

Those words hit home to me, especially as I’m starting off in my career, am single, and am gaining a crash course on how to be creative in my budgeting to make ends meet. Initially I was thinking of staying at my place for Thanksgiving and doing my best to stay in and not spend money to help pad my bank account a bit more. But then the words of my friend came back to me, the more I thought about it, the more I realized “I’m living in Hawaii!! I don’t know how long this will last, and I shouldn’t be squandering opportunities to make incredible memories! If I can do something on a reasonable budget, I SHOULD DO IT (as opposed to giving into my gut instinct of “Yes I could afford to do this, but I want to see more $$ in my bank account so I’m not going to do this.”).


I’ve also been logging a fair amount of hours recently at work. In fact my close friends have expressed concern that I’ve become a work-aholic and that nobody is ensuring that I’m maintaining my sanity by focusing on tasks besides work. (Again, it goes back to the hustle mentality: I’ve gotta put in the time in order to learn, in order to gain the experience, in order to be eligible for the opportunities I want. I have to keep leveraging my hard work and dedication to will myself towards success).


And so I’ve tightened my spending for a few weeks and just bought myself a Thanksgiving present! I’ll be going on a Manta Ray Diving Expedition on the Big Island (Hawaii)!! If this is foreign language to you, here’s what I’ll be doing (Be sure to view in Full Screen and crank up the Definition settings!):


I figured this is a great way for me to take a step back and create a memory that is going to last a lifetime! It seems as though a typical person my age would say “Oh I need to do something that is mentally relaxing? Oh let’s go to the movies, or let’s go on a shopping spree at the high end mall, or let’s splurge to go to that fancy restaurant that is way outside of my budget.” Now I do love food, but at a budget price. I’ve never been into high end shopping, and how is going to a movie memorable? I can barely remember the last movie I went to go see.


No, I don’t want that. If I’m going to create a memory, it’s going to be of something that when I’m on my deathbed in the hospital and this cute nurse walks into my room, I can tell her this incredible story of this one adventure I did. I want to be that guy where the hospital staff don’t know if I was truly that much of an adventurer or they question if I’m just losing my mind because my stories will be that amazing! For me it’s all about the memories and the stories that I can relive and share with others. Going diving with Mantas is definitely one of those moments or stories in my life that I am sure I will look back to.


So what’s better than scuba diving with these Mantas? Filming the adventure while scuba diving with these beauties!! I have a Hero4 Silver that goes to 1080p, but I’ll be asking around to my friends to see if any of them have a Black Edition with 4k because if I’m doing this, we might as well record in the best quality that we can!


But my imagination doesn’t stop there! Does anyone know what the specs are for the Samsung Gear 360? I’m not even sure if this is possible, but wouldn’t it be amazing if The Gear 360 came in a dive housing that I could take down with me? Imagine watching the Mantas swirl around you and feed on the plankton in 360 & VR!? Would you not be in awe!? If anyone is interested in helping make this a reality, PLEASE feel free to contact me!! 😀


I’ll be sure to keep you posted as the date draws near! For now, I need to eat some more food and then continue planning for more adventures and memories!



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