I promised myself I would blog for 30 straight days once the Freedom Challenge ended. Tonight as I sit here at my computer, I have not been struck with the muse of inspiration that generates original content to share. Today has been just one task after another, either finishing work / a project, or else laying groundwork for bigger things to come. It is exciting though as I am making significant progress on my major project of redesigning and alignment of processes at work, and if it wasn’t for the need to sleep, I’d probably be back at work implementing the changes that I have discovered and envisioned. (Ok let’s be real, getting past security and clocking in at this time of night would not go over well with my boss).


So instead of writing something profound, I am sharing one of my favorite TED talks with you on the topic of Creativity and becoming an Original (yes I see the irony in posting this instead of my own content).


My challenge and question to you: Are you an Original, and if not, what is preventing you from becoming one? I can’t claim to be a full-fledge original, but I am striving to become one.


Finally on a complete side note that has no relevance to this topic at all, does anyone like scuba diving? If so, have you ever gone to Kona, Hawaii and gone diving with the Manta Rays? If so I would love to hear your story and feedback which company I should choose for this adventure. I’m looking to hop over to the Big Island during Thanksgiving week and would love to dive with the Mantas. We’ll also be checking out the active volcano, as well as heading up to Mauna Kea observatory to be blown away by the incredible stars. I can’t wait! I think I’ve been to the Big Island only once in my life, and I was too young to remember anything about it. My family primarily chooses to visit Oahu or Maui. It’ll be great to see the Big Island again, and then perhaps I can hop over to Maui before the end of the year. I’ve never been to Kauai. I do want to hike the Nepali Coast on Kauai but am waiting for my group of friends to decide when they want to go.


Also, if you didn’t see my latest Instagram post, here is an avocado from the tree right outside of my work building.


Ok, enough for now. I need some sleep because this post is now rambling in too many different directions at once.






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