Day 8 of #10DBC #FreedomPlan: Choosing Your Adventure


I’m participating in the #10DBC #FreedomPlan challenge. This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8.

DAY 8: Choosing Your Adventure

Today’s challenge is to go out on an adventure and write about it.

I started today jamming with some friends in a band for church. I’ll definitely have to dive more into my music ventures in a future blog post.

We then spent the afternoon preparing a surprise birthday party on Magic Island at Ala Moana State Beach here in Honolulu. Despite windy, overcast, and gloomy weather, we are having a blast!

It is great to spend a day just exploring my musical mind, relaxing with friends, chilling at the beach, and enjoying the sunset. We’re off to play games and then I’m headed back home to do a little bit of work before delving fully back into it tomorrow.

Here’s a photo of surfers and stand up paddler boarders catching some waves at sunset here at Ala Moana tonight.



P.S. We finished up the evening by playing DC’s Deck Building Game with the Crisis #1 Expansion. The previous week we had tried playing it and had a bad combination of cards pop up for the Crisis and Supervillain, which led to our ultimate demise. This week, we were successful in our quest!

So this leads me to ask: What’s your favorite card / board game, and why?


Have feedback on my post? Feel free to comment below! Be sure to follow along with us as we continue to explore Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8.

Be sure to check out the hashtags #10DBC #freedomplan on Social Media to see what others are writing about.


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