Day 7 of #10DBC #FreedomPlan: Beating Procrastination and Overwhelm


I’m participating in the #10DBC #FreedomPlan challenge. This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7.

DAY 7: Beating Procrastination and Overwhelm

Dear Natalie,

Today’s challenge leaves me confused and wanting more. How does imperfect action prevent overwhelm? How does it prevent procrastination? Maybe I’m missing the point here, or maybe I’m living up to my collegiate nickname of “Special Case”.


If your entire premise is built upon the idea that individuals who take imperfect action rather than no action will then at least be consistently taking action and are therefore less likely to procrastinate which overall leads to a decreased probability that the person will become overwhelmed, ok I get it. But if that’s the case, I respectfully say “That doesn’t apply to me.”


I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m anything but that because if I was perfect, I’d already been living the Freedom Lifestyle, making bank, and doing whatever I wanted. But I’m not. Am I a procrastinator? If anyone in my core tribe had a public Twitter or Instagram account, I would link them here and let you ask them for yourself. Unfortunately they don’t and since I respect people’s privacy, I’m not about to start giving personal contact out without permission.

BUT, if you did ask my friends, I guarantee you they would laugh and say “You’re talking about Patchett. “Procrastination” isn’t a word in his dictionary.”


I’m the guy who asked professors for the syllabus and book list for their class before the quarter even began. I’m the guy who, as Senior Class President, walked into administration during the first week of January and asked when the deadline for submitting our class information for the commencement programs held in the middle of June. I’m the guy who in grad school, told my Cost Accounting professor on day 1 that I wasn’t going to be in the country for the final week of the class and asked for the homework schedule so that I could submit the work and take the final 1 week before the end of the quarter and before he had personally taught all of the content (I got an A in the course).

In fact this week while my boss was focusing on what projects he wanted me to work on in the next 5 days, I was looking ahead and working with other teams to coordinate projects that have a 6 week lead time, are due in November, and was laying the groundwork to ensure everything is in place once the gun sounds and that project is officially kicked off.  Simply: I don’t procrastinate.


What I am guilty of: taking on too much at one time.


Procrastination doesn’t lead to the state of overwhelm for me. It’s the reverse for me: I am consistently asked to do a lot of tasks and I have a hard time saying no. Why do so many people ask me to do so much? Science would observe the situation unbiased and say “Because he has talent in a wide variety of areas,” or “Because we know if we give him the task, come hell or high water, he’s going to give 150% on the task, is going to get that task done on time, and it will be a high quality product.” In addition, there are so many things that I want to do that I try to schedule too much into one day or week, and then I’m left overwhelmed and then feel behind.


I’m often asked “Why do you do this to yourself man? Why don’t you relax and take it easy?” Simple: It’s all about the hustle. I know that for every minute I’m not doing something productive, someone else is out there working harder than I am. If I say no to an opportunity, the person that asked me may never ask me again and that door of opportunity might close forever. I know that if I say no, someone else will say yes and they’ll have a greater chance to learn and advance their career more than me.


And this is where I am struggling, because there are certain aspects of my life that I am a complete control freak about (other aspects of my life I’d be more than happy to let someone else make all the calls and just tell me what’s going on / what I have to do). I know that in order to have the life I want, I have to stay in control of my career. I have to know exactly what my strategy is and keep aggressively hustling to make that a reality. I know I have to hustle to get to where I want, but I also know that I need to set boundaries to prevent others from taking advantage of me. I need to learn when to stick to my guns and say “No”and tell the control freak side of my brain “You’re saying No because you are focusing on bigger and better projects and opportunities. You need to let this go and not think twice about what opportunities you might potentially miss out on, and you especially need to ignore and drown out the voices of those who don’t support your decisions because it doesn’t bring them personal gain.”


So what is my “Imperfect Action” that I am going to start tackling for the next 30 days? (Actually there are 2 of them):


  1. I’m building boundaries. I’m going to reevaluate every single task that I am involved with and compare it to my Freedom Lifestyle Goal that I’ve set for myself. If those tasks aren’t aligned with that goal, I’m cutting them out. I’m pulling the cord. It’s time to get even more serious about my goals than I already am. In fact, I already know of one task that I’m going to cut right now and am sending the email right after I post this. By doing this, I will have more time to focus on the things I want to do, as well as providing me with the opportunity to choose new tasks that align with my goals (as opposed to being presented with the opportunity and declining due to a lack of time).
  2. My blog will not die once this 10 Day Challenge from Natalie ends. I will post at least 250 words every single day for the next 30 days. Now there are some caveats to this: I can’t promise that every post will be profound or perhaps even coherent. Some posts may only make sense to me and may simply be (in a way) you peering into my version of a journal and seeing what is ticking around in my head. But as Casey Neistat and Gary Vaynerchuk say, “You’ve got to keep uploading, keep showing up every damn day!!” and that’s what I’m going to do. Baby steps now to allow for bigger steps in the future. Also, I can’t necessarily promise a blog post every single day at the same time zone, especially if I am traveling and am in a plane with no WIFI. Otherwise, the blog will continue.


This ends my blog for today.

What’s with the photo? It’s from a friend’s house in Lanikai. Here I’m in the hot tub that overlooks that #1 beach in the world and the ocean. Most homes in this neighborhood are the size of town houses on the mainland yet sell for $3m – $5m (that’s Million). Some houses in the neighborhood run $20m-$25m. Do I want to live in these houses? No, but do I want to have the ability to choose whether I buy these homes or other homes? YES!! This photo helps me focus on that goal of advancing my career and having opportunities.

Keep it real!




Have feedback on my post? Feel free to comment below! Be sure to follow along with us as we continue to explore Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7.

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