No matter big or small, wealthy or poor, famous or unknown, good or evil, everyone and everything must always have a beginning.

Welcome to my first blog post! How did I get here? Well that’s quite the story.

For years, many of my friends and classmates have blogged as they have traveled the world, lived abroad, or just felt like documenting our journey through college and grad school. I love their blogs and often contemplated starting my own. Many of my friends, professors, and mentors have also commented would say “You live such an incredible life and do so many things! You should write about them.” Yes, I had stories and memories to share, but my biggest challenge was finding the time to sit and write. As a pre-med student, I was always studying, working one of my two jobs, or volunteering. Ask my buddies and they’ll tell you it was hard to pull me away to go to the gym during the week. Even though life has slowed down a bit now that I’m out of school, I still find myself busy launching a career, pursuing additional licenses & professional certifications, constantly looking for ways to expand my network, and chasing elusive projects that I personally wish to accomplish.

Fast forward to this past weekend. I was bedridden with a nasty cold, but I still couldn’t stop reading. I stumbled across a Forbes article entitled “How Job Seekers Undersell Their Qualifications In Job Interviews (With Three Real-Life Examples”. It is a terrific article that anyone seeking a job should review meticulously! So I looked up the author Caroline Ceniza-Levine on Twitter and found out she runs @SixFigureStart. Before I knew it, a significant amount of time had past as I was reading article after article that she posted. I gave a shoutout on Twitter and was pleasantly surprised to find that not only had Ceniza replied back, but she challenged me to join her in participating in a 10-day blog challenge to do more by Natalie Sisson. I looked into it, and thought this was a great way to give in and start blogging. So I joined and the first challenge was issued today.

You may have more questions for me, like “What should I expect from this blog? Will you incorporate video blogging or podcasts? How often will you blog, and how long will each blog be? What projects are you working on?” These are all excellent questions, and I will address them. But that’s for another blog post. Look for an answer to that later this weekend.

I should think of a catchy sign-off phrase or way to end blog posts. I’ll make a mental note of that. For now, about the photo: This is from #SDCC2014 when The Peacekeepers had to keep an eye on me, because if you know me, I’m quite the rebellious type! I thought this photo was a humorous way to (perhaps symbolically) set the tone for what’s to come on this blog.


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