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Well I made it!   After making a commitment to blog every day for 31 days after blogging continuously for 10 days as part Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day Freedom Blog Challenge, tonight marks day 31. It wasn’t the easiest challenge for me as there were many nights that I sat here wondering what on earth … Continue reading 031


I have a confession to make.   There’s something that I do that tends to scare people and makes some people worry about my mental stability. I genuinely appreciate the concerns that are expressed when individuals discover this, but I want to make the case tonight in defense of this action.   So what is … Continue reading 030


Stop. Listen. Think. Collaborate. Innovate. Create.   Rinse. Repeat.   That’s all I want to do for a career. To have a team that surrounds me and we can identify problems that exist and work together for process improvement and innovation to create a better product and a better world.   The question is: What … Continue reading 029

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